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Big Race of Rumbling Tanks (トントン戦車大レース, Tonton Sensha Dairēsu) is episode 5 of the Mashin Hero Wataru 2 anime.


Wataru and group reach Kalaza, where pigs are considered sacred creatures. The group learns that the town is run by a foul woman named Hadana runs Olympic style races involving pigs. Those who race against Hadana and her own pig Tazosan and lose have their pigs eaten by her. So Wataru challenges Hadana to a race on the condition that if they win she'll leave Kalaza. She agrees and so Wataru begins training Figaro. On the day of the race, Figaro starts out slow but thanks to the power of Wataru's magical riceballs gains speed and power to catch up with Hadana. Due to Himiko's inference, Hadana summons her robot, in turn, Wataru summons Ryuujinmaru and the two fight. Amid the fight, Lord Louise Trouble appears and introduces himself but does not interfere with the fight. Wataru defeats Hadana and so Lord Louise invites Wataru to fight him at his domain.