Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru Wiki

Chou Mashin Hero Wataru (超魔神英雄伝ワタル, Chou Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru) is the third anime series of the Mashin Hero Wataru franchise. It takes place in an alternate continuity following the events of the first series.


After the battle with Doakuder at Soukaizan, a demon world Devil came to Genseikai and stole Wataru's conscience. Because of that, Wataru's heart of justice and his memories of being Kyuuseishu vanished.

Shibaraku Tsurugibe and Himiko Shinobibe brought him back to Shinbukai and then Wataru regained his memories, but his conscience was still missing. To get it back, he has to battle the devils.


  1. I am the Savior
  2. Stupid Bungie Jump Will Solve Everything
  3. Defeat the Evil Ball
  4. In Hunt for the Scary Monster
  5. Horrible! High School Girls All Looking the Same
  6. Grand Prix in Flying Village
  7. Terrifying Outcry, We'll Fight It Out in the Game
  8. The Super Transformation of Ryujinmaru
  9. The Hometown of the Fire Flies is the Island of Dreams
  10. Metal Skinned Flowers are Smelly
  11. The Romance of the Snow Girl
  12. The Wishing Star Is What We Want!
  13. Popo Village's Fruit of Danger
  14. Beware of a Burning Heart!
  15. Fire Transformation! Phoenix Ryujinmaru!
  16. Swimming in the Sand - Oh Hot!
  17. Get a Strike with Polinkun
  18. Come! Grand Sumo Tournament of the Dessert!
  19. I'm the Savior! You are the Savior too?
  20. Lightning Man's Lightning Attack!
  21. Journey of the Demon Train
  22. The Strongest Team Twin Ryujinmaru's
  23. The Sports Meet After Their Return
  24. Mystery of the Sacred Forest