Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru Wiki

Mashin Hero Wataru (魔神英雄伝ワタル, Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru) is a Japanese anime television series and the first installment of the franchise.


Wataru Ikusabe was just a regular 9-year-old boy who was transported to an alternate world by a mythical dragon in the town's lake. Arrived, Wataru learns he is the chosen savior to save that magical realm by restoring the rainbow of a seven-pillar mountain from an evil demonic ruler. In his quest to save the realm, Wataru goes through challenges and quests to "somewhat autonomous and small" super robot battles called "Mashins" in which his is the merge of his clay sculpture and the lake dragon from his world. What's more, he becomes friends with many natives of the world and cooperates with them.


Number Title Airdate World
01 The Hero is a Fourth Grader Earth/Shinbukai
02 The Mysterious Item, Hentama! Soukaizan Level 1
  1. Be Careful of Kurama!
  2. The Terrifying Party of Garagara Village
  3. Sound! Whistle of the Gods
  4. Abekobe, A Strange Place of Inversion
  5. The Wolf-Man Likes Round Objects?
  6. The Vampire is a Cross Collector
  7. Surprise! Mirror Detector of the Century
  8. No Way! This is the Real Mirror of Truth?
  9. There, There, Burn, Burn, One Game
  10. Marionette's Burning Hot Anniversary!
  11. Fighting Spirit Blazes, Attack 9x9=81!
  12. The Power of 100 Men is Power of the Immortal
  13. Revive! Fire Dragon
  14. Tragic Love Story, Legend of Aurora
  15. Removing the Unremovable Sword of Extreme Frost
  16. The Hot Hot Takeoff!
  17. Fly, Fly Ryūjinmaru!
  18. Ryūjinmaru Falls at the Temple of Chill!
  19. Prince of the Demon Realm, King Tiger Makes an Entrance!
  20. A Must See! Ryūōmaru is Born
  21. Thanks for Waiting! Genjinmaru's True Form
  22. Rampage! Wataru GENJI's Big Race
  23. Mini Mini Wataru's Great Adventure
  24. What! Green Dragon at That Kind of Place
  25. That's Fine Because That's Fine
  26. Ahem with Magic! Mr Shibaraku
  27. Transformation Wataru's Bow Wow Story
  28. The Ghost Corps of The Mashin Cemetary
  29. Himiko's Babysitting Operation!
  30. The Strongest Mage Ara-Bian's Counterattack!
  31. The Sweet Temptation of The Terrifying Demon Path Gate
  32. Difficult Question, Irrelevant Question Demon Wind Gate!
  33. Ascend to The Heavens! Demon Sky Gate
  34. Good Child? Naughty Kid? Demon Realm Gate
  35. Wataru And Himiko's Hot Hot Adventure
  36. Splendor!! Genius Zorori Calling On
  37. King Tiger is Fate's Rival
  38. Clash! Ryūōmaru Vs Jakomaru
  39. Appearance! The Terrifying Mashin Temple
  40. Fight Wataru!! Mashin Temple's Offensive And Defensive
  41. Decisive Battle! Doakudā Vs Wataru
  42. Shine! Rainbow of Creation Mountain
  43. Its Spring And Festival in Monja Village




  • The world is heavily inspired by RPG game elements, such as dungeon levels and quests. This is very visible in the structure of Soukaizan.