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Ryujinmaru (龍神丸) is the primary mashin of Wataru Ikusabe and the deuteragonist of the Mashin Hero Wataru franchise. His real form and true soul is that of the "Gold Dragon" of Shinbukai's Shinbu Dragon Gods.

Mashin Specifications[]

Ryujinmaru first appeared as an ordinary clay figure Wataru Ikusabe sculpted during school until he was whisked to Shinbukai after school. Upon Wataru's debut as a savior and first battle, the figurine became infused with the Gold Dragon's spirit and magically animated into a robot that became Wataru's primary combat mashin during times of need in his journeys.


Ryujinmaru first appears as an edged-refined concept of Wataru's original clay figure. His head sports a golden crown of three elongated dragon hrons with a large red jewel in the center taht serves as Wataru's cockpit entry. Its body frame is themed after Wataru's Saviour armor featuring a blue body frame and white appendages with blue feet and wrists

However, Ryuujinmaru's true appearance is that of the mythological Chinese dragon, with shiny and vibrant golden scales, and two sharp elongated horns that point upwards. This is also portrayed within Ryujinmaru's body to which the cockpit interior is a cosmic-themed with Ryujinmaru's dragon form/true essence lies within while Wataru pilots on its head.


Ryuujinmaru speaks in a candid and concise fashion, often advising Wataru in battle.


  • Dragon Fang Fist (龍牙拳 Ryugaken)
    • Sky Dragon Fang (天空龍牙拳 Tenkuu Ryugaken). An aerial version of the Dragon Fang Fist. A combination between Ryujinmaru and Kujinmaru used only once in Episode 19.
  • Flame Dragon Fist (炎龍拳 Enryuken)
  • Dragon Thunder Fist (龍雷拳 Ryuuraiken)
  • Flying Dragon Fist (飛龍拳 Hiryuken)
  • Soaring Dragon Sword (登龍剣 Toryuken): Ryujinmaru's signature weapon/finishing move.
    • Frigid Dragon Sword (極寒登龍剣 Gokukan Toryuken): Ryujinmaru's ice-attribute version of the Soaring Dragon Sword through the power of the Frigid Sword (極寒の剣 Gokukan no Tsurugi). Used only once in Episode 18.
    • Blazing Dragon Sword (火炎登龍剣 Kaen Toryuken): Ryujinmaru's fire-attribute version of the Soaring Dragon Sword through the power of the Scorching Sword (灼熱の剣 Shakunetsu no Tsurugi). Unlike the frigid version, the technique requires much power as a burden which depletes the user's life force. Due to its only usage in Episode 20, Ryujinmaru layed dead in a yin-yang orb form until his resurrection in Episode 22.