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The Savior Who Returned! (帰ってきた救世主!, Kaettekita Kyūseisha!) is episode 1 of the Mashin Hero Wataru 2 anime.


All is well in the world of Soukaizan until the 7 Stars Mountain's rainbow turns gray once more. Meanwhile back in his own world, Wataru is transported back to Soukaizan after being informed of the calamity that has once again taken over Soukaizan. Once Wataru is reunited with the villagers and his old companion Himiko Shinobibe, he is given an explanation of the world's situation by Empress Seiryuhi. Wataru then receives all of the necessary items he'll need to fight against the new threat that Soukaizan faces and is blasted off into space to reach Mount. Shinkai. In space, Wataru faces off against a space pirate and wins against him.